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Things are moving ahead with the restoration process for the A. T. Smith house. One of the main decisions made by the committee was to move forward with the removal of the south side addition known as the “mud room.” The stability of the house is being compromised by the southern addition, which was added post-1940. Beyond not being a part of the original structure, the mud room has considerable damage, contains rot and decay, and is pulling on the structure. A work party held April 21 cleaned out the mud room, and removed some of the paneling to confirm the need for demolition.

The Forest Grove Noon Rotary partnered up with FHFG April 25, and did a work day at Alvin and Abigail’s homestead. This was the rotary’s annual ‘Rotarians at Work Day,’ and FHFG was fortunate enough to have their help. Multiple tasks were accomplished, such as a ton of yard work, recovering rain shields placed around the house, stacking bricks, spring cleaning the inside of the house, and much more. Another upcoming FHFG project is the construction of a much-needed storage shed. FHFG will be able to begin moving forward on this project through a partial grant from the City of Forest Grove CEP. A special thank you to Kerry VanderZanden for his generosity in his donation of structural plans of the storage shed, and another thank you to all the volunteer hours James Duncan has contributed to this project.

It’s an exciting time to see the continuing process of restoring one of the oldest homes in Oregon. There is much work ahead, and if you’re interested in seeing the progress, be sure to check out the FHFG Facebook page for postings.

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Melody serves on the board of Friends of Historic Forest Grove.