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1714 Ash Street

Jerome & Dora Barber House c.1908

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Jerome Barber was born in Michigan in 1851.  He married Dora Reed in 1882.  Early in their marriage, the Barbers were instrumental in the creation of the Congregational Church in the small community of Hood View, which is located between Sherwood and Wilsonville Oregon.  They gathered a congregation and built a new church and parsonage.  A few years later when they were called to come to Forest Grove to serve here as ministers, Dora bought the north half of Lot 1 in 1907 and Jerome bought the south half in 1908.  The Barber House was built at this time.  With an eclectic blend of styles popular at the time, it most resembles the Prairie style, although elements of Craftsman style are apparent.  Prairie style features often include a hipped roof, and an asymmetrical plan without a central front entry.  The Barber House exhibits many of these elements.  The Craftsman style draws upon elements of the Prairie style, so the presence of Craftsman decoration is expected.  The Barber House is one of very few Prairie style houses in Forest Grove.

Jerome and Dora Barber both served here as ministers.  Their names are often found in the local newspapers.  As a regular part of their activities, weddings, funerals, and preaching kept them busy, both here and in the nearby communities.  Jerome was elected to serve on the City Council, and was also chosen as a national delegate for the Prohibitionist ticket for U. S. President in the 1912 election.  Dora died in May of 1929.  Jerome remained in the house until his death in September of 1943, when he was buried next to Dora in the Pleasant View Cemetery in Hood View, Oregon

The next owners are Carl & Dorothy Brodersen who had been in the Forest Grove area since 1907.  Working first with the railroad, Carl established a twenty-five acre farm one mile south of town.  In the early twenties, the farm was sold and the family moved into town.  Carl Brodersen established a paint and wallpaper store located at 2026 Pacific Avenue.  Their two sons joined Carl in this business venture.  The family eventually purchased the furniture store of Claude Smith (at 2030 Main Street).  Dorothy died in 1956 and Carl A. died in 1962.  Their son Carl M. Brodersen and his wife were the next owners until Carl M. died in 1966, leaving his widow, Francis Eleanor Brodersen remaining as the last Brodersen owner.

Other later homeowners are:

       The Garcia Family

       The Harrington Family

       The Boswell Family

       The Bentley Family

And finally the McGuire Family, who purchased this home in 1996.  In addition to being long-time members of FHFG, Jim & Teresa have participated on a variety of FHFG committees as well as hosting here at their home such activities as, the 1996 Garden Walk, the 1997 Porches & Gardens of Yesterday walking tour, and the 1999 Holiday Parlor Membership Event.  Their pride in ownership of this wonderful home is obvious.

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