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Annual Giving

Support our Local Heritage with a Matching Gift!

This year the first $6,000 of your donations will be matched!
Help us reach of our goal of $12,000 to support all that Friends of Historic Forest Grove does!

Goal: $6,000.00
Collected: $5,185.00

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the end of 2022!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year; not the least of which is that Friends of Historic Forest Grove is starting this year’s Annual Giving Campaign with a large sum of money promised to us if we can match the gift during our Annual Giving campaign.

That means that every dollar that you give will be matched for the first $6,000, and our overall totals should be more than they were in past years. We are very excited by this!

We need your financial support. Our Annual Giving goal for this year is $12,000. How will we use your donation?

Making a donation is easy. You can mail your donation to us at PO Box 123, Forest Grove, OR 97116. Or, you can conveniently give online here on our site.

In recent years we have been amazed at the Forest Grove community’s generosity and support. Help us meet our goal and double the effect of your giving. Thank you for believing in FHFG with your past donations, your current support and your investment in the future of Forest Grove.

Megan Havens, President
For the The Board of Directors
Friends of Historic Forest Grove

FHFG is committed to preserving local historic resources, educating our residents about our past, and creating a community for enthusiasts to support this mission.
Join a community of people who care about Forest Grove's history! Memberships to FHFG include invitations to members-only events, discounts, a subscription to our newsletter, and more.

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