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AT Smith House Chosen by Restore Oregon

as one of the fifteen most endangered historic sites in Oregon for 2016

FHFG is tremendously excited and proud to announce that the AT Smith House was chosen by Restore Oregon as one of the fifteen most endangered historic sites in Oregon for 2016. The announcement was made Friday evening at the Restoration Celebration in Portland. Eight members of FHFG went to the event, and each of us around our table felt the magic and significance of that designation (goosebumps, smiles, toasts, and yes, even some tears!).

This not only shines a spotlight on the house for the community and the state, but it also will bring attention to our restoration effort. We have already been talking with members of the advisory group at Restore Oregon to set a time for them to visit the house and discuss strategies. There is a $2500 seed grant award, but of even more importance, there will be advisory assistance to let us proceed in the most logical way.

Tom Carlson, FHFG Treasurer, wrote the nomination with help from others on the Board. But, as Tom always says, this was a group effort. Every one of you who has donated time and talent to our organization deserves to feel proud today. This is a huge step forward for us.

Watch the Restore Oregon video about the AT Smith House.

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About Restore Oregon

Restore Oregon was founded in 1977 as the Historic Preservation League of Oregon. As the organization has evolved over the years, we’ve always focused on taking care of the places that make Oregon, OREGON: the historic homes and neighborhoods, bridges and barns, churches and Main Streets that make this place so authentic and livable.


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