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Much has been accomplished since the last newsletter. There were several FHFG work parties that cleared and cleaned around the house. The Washington County Sherriff had four work parties as well.

The A.T. Smith house’s face got a bath. The handicapped access ramp received the final coat of paint. The walk between the ramps was cleared of the stump, graded, and graveled. Several other stumps were removed from the parking lot on the north side of the house. The loose roofing on the south porch has been removed, and the exposed area covered with plastic. The 10 logs piled around the trees between the house and the road were removed to form demarcation lines for the parking lots and the setting area. Greg Johnson brought his tractor to mow the grass, and move a couple of the logs.

During the Chamber of Commerce luncheon, FHFG had 20 vehicles of our volunteers parked in the north lot near the house, and more than 45 vehicles belonging to visitors parked along the Territorial Road and the East Lawn parking area. The front lawn was a suitable location for the luncheon. FHFG brought in around 2000 gallons of water for the orchard over the summer, and the trees were looking good when the weather finally started to deliver rain.

Looking to the next large outside project, FHFG has been given a 40-foot tower and wind pump. A location will need to be prepared on the property for the tower, and the tower and pump will need to be moved to the property. If anyone has a boom truck to assist with the moving, please contact me at (503) 992-1280.