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FHFG has announced the local Forest Grove pioneers and early settlers that will be visiting guests this weekend (October 7, tour is completely sold out):

  • Harley S. McDonald   (7/21/1825-7/21/1902) architect, played by Ron Hansen
  • Manche Langley (8/19/1883-7/13/1963) attorney, played by Linda Taylor
  • John Bailey  (1845-1936) Vice pre. Forest Grove National Bank, played by Tom Cook
  • Eliza Marsh (1841-1906) wife of Rev. Sidney Harper Marsh, played by Maureen Andronis Hicks
  • Carrie Crosley Minckley (6/5/1867- 2/3/1952)  Travelers Home, played by Amy Tracewell
  • Martha Lott (1881) Indian Training School student, played by Sierra Deragon
  • Dorothy Higby Seymour (4/21/1871-8/26/1972) business woman, played by Kathleen Leatham
  • Harry A. Crosley (5/11/1866-12/27/1953) photographer, played by Alan Archer
  • Nellie Winfield Owens Kirry (8/2/1869-11/2/1949) teacher, played by Chloe Lockett and Liza Schade 

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