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Carrie House at 1918 Birch, Forest Grove

Fritz riding in a wheelbarrow

Has it already been 6 months since we picked our nine former residents to portray in the Grave Matter’s the cemetery tour?

The Crosley plot at Forest View holds more then thirteen members of the family so it’s hard to choose whose story to tell. I started gathering info on Harry Crosley in 2016 when local photography collector Robert O. Brown allowed me to scan 40 photos in his collection by Fritz and Crosley from when they had their studio

John, Kahna, and Cherie (left to right)

 “above the PO” in 1890. I shared a few photos on Facebook when a grand niece of Harry’s made a comment saying she would mail in some packets of information.

Three packets later Kahna gave me the family historian’s contact. Tom Crosley, who has been working on his family history since WWII when he took a side trip to Sweden to see where his grandmother was born. So that led me to tell the story of Carrie Crosley Minckley proprietress of Travelers Home that was at 1918 Birch.

You see with out the help of the descendants, researching people can be very difficult. It was great to see Carrie’s grand children Kahna and John watch Amy’s monolog, it made me tear up. This was a complete experience as I followed my Harry and Carrie from research to scripts to costuming Amy and Alan for the event.

Thank you to everyone the worked on this year’s Grave Matter’s.

Cherie Savoie Tintary

Remember you are the guardian’s of the memories of those who came before us. (Borrowed from Tacoma Wa. Cemetery tour)

About Cherie Savoie Tintary

Cherie Savoie Tintary moved to Forest Grove via California in 2014 and joined FHFG right away when she arrived to learn local history. In 2015, she brought the idea of hosting a cemetery tour to FHFG when we held our first tour at Mt.View Memorial Gardens. She owns a color focused salon in downtown Forest Grove called Tint Salon. She is also a photographer who collects vintage clothes to dress her subjects in. That's why doing the cemetery tour is a perfect event as it includes everything she is interested in.