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Historic Resources Team

Support and nurture Forest Grove’s landmarks and three national historic districts
About Us

The Historic Resource Team was assembled as a sub-team of the Friends of Historic Forest Grove to support and nurture Forest Grove’s landmarks and three national historic districts. The Friends chartered this team with the following mission.

Mission Statement: Support, improve community appreciation, and help see to the future well-being of Forest Grove’s landmarks and national historic districts.

This is a worthwhile use of resources, because our landmarks and national historic districts are important to Forest Grove’s identity and sense of self. Forest Grove is the fourth fastest growing community in Oregon. It’s efforts like those of the Historic Landmark’s Board, the Friends of Historic Forest Grove, and the Historic District Team that helps to sustain and advance the “Mayberry” feel and community environment which have made Forest Grove attractive in the first place.

The Historic Landmarks Board is busy pursuing their ten-year plan and a fourth National Historic District in the downtown area, and the Friends of Historic Forest Grove is focused on education and the Alvin T. Smith House. The Historic Resource Team is the only team that has as their principle focus, Forest Grove’s landmarks and national historic districts.

The Historic District Team has is engaged in a number of activities that support and nurtures Forest Grove’s landmarks and national historic districts.  Our current projects include:

Farmers’ Market Booth: We’ve constructed a booth and periodically attend Forest Grove’s Farmers’ Market. During these events, we provide information about our districts and landmarks and related topics with the hope that community members will be inspired and better understand how important these historic resources are to Forest grove.

Publish Forest Grove Preservation Overview: We are putting togetheer a new tri-fold as a companion piece to Forest Grove’s three existing walking tour brochures. It’s an overview that will introduce readers to preservation resources in Forest Grove. Designed by the same graphic designer, it will have the same look and feel as the walking tour brochures.

Historic Property Research Guide: Later this year, we look forward to constructing and distributing a pamphlet on what and how to research historic properties.

Historic District Ordinance Summary: Publish a summary that describes and explains Forest Grove’s ordinance which protects our historic districts and landmarks from construction that would detract from these historic resources.

In addition to these projects, the Historic District Team have ongoing projects to sponsor tours, to photograph, and to inform the community about our Forest Grove’s national historic districts, and landmarks.

The following Forest Grove residents are members of the Historic Resources Team:

  • Roger Nipp
  • Neil Poulsen
  • Skip Buhler