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Forest Grove History

The Settlers

AT SmithAlvin T. Smith, 1802 – 1888

A.T. Smith was the first white settler to stake a land claim in the West Tualatin Plains in 1841. Many pioneers who came to settle in the area found themselves staying in the hospitable cabin of Mr. Smith and his wife Abigail . . .




Tabitha  BrownTabitha Moffatt Brown, 1780 – 1858
The path that led west to Oregon country, then a foreign land, was not an easy one in 1846, when Tabitha Brown, a 66-year-old widow, made the journey on the South Road . . .



Harvey ClarkRev. Harvey L. Clark, 1807 – 1858
Harvey Clark was an educator, missionary and one of the first settlers of Forest Grove. A native of Vermont, he moved to the Oregon territories where he participated at the Chamopoeg meetings and helped found Tualatin Academy, which later became Pacific University . . .




George AtkinsonRev. George H. Atkinson, 1819 – 1889
George Atkinson was not a settler of Forest Grove, but he certainly played a big part in its history. Atkinson is credited with creating the Oregon public school system. Read his diary/biography published in Portland, Oregon in 1893 . . .



The Schools

FG Indian SchoolForest Grove Indian Training School, 1880 – 1885
“Forest Grove, near Portland, Oregon, is the site of an Indian training school, where some very interesting and valuable educational work is going on . . ”



Old College Hall


Old College Hall
Old College Hall is the oldest structure in Forest Grove. It represents the earliest foundation of education in the community . .

Marsh Hall @ Pacific UniversityPacific University
Oregon’s Pacific University is the oldest chartered university in the West. The Oregon Territorial Legislature granted its original charter as the Tualatin Academy on Sept. 26, 1849 . . .