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Featuring Historic Homes of Forest Grove

Did you know that there is a coloring book of some of Forest Grove’s most famous historic homes?


This coloring book features 15 historic homes in Forest Grove ready to be colored by children and adults alike.  There is a description of the history of each home as well, so it’s educational for the entire family!


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Historic Homes of Forest Grove

This is the cover of this high-quality and educational coloring book.

Table of Contents

This coloring book features 15 historic homes.

Home Information

Each home has a write up that tells its history and architecture.

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These are perfect for children and adults to color in!

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In 1849, well-educated minister Harvey Clark and a 68-year-old widow, Tabitha Brown, established a school for orphans of the Oregon Trail that became Tualatin Academy and later Pacific University.  Much is known of these early missionaries and founders.

The dedicated families that settled in early Forest Grove did so because they placed a high value on education.  Ideals of family, church, school and government were expressed in the simple architecture of their homes.  They were sturdy and committed people who built lasting institutions in order to achieve their community goals.  Forest Grove has a rich heritage of early Oregon structures.  We uphold that trust when we identify and protect the heritage left in our care.

We look with new awareness at what remains of our historic past to assure its passage to future generations.

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Historic Homes of Forest Grove Coloring Book

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