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FHFG Museum and Library

Formerly, Southern Pacific Electric Train Depot

1936 19th Avenue (at Main Street)
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Southern Pacific Railroad, circa 1914-1920

(From the George Williams collection)

This former Southern Pacific Railroad station, fondly called the Old Train Station (OTS), is home to Friends of Historic Forest Grove.  The Old Train Station now serves as a museum highlighting about 150 years of local history, from photographs and maps to clothing and furniture.  It also houses an historic library and research center.

Built in 1913, the station handled passenger and light freight service into 1929.  After that only light freight came through.

Burlingham and Sons purchased the building as office space for their seed company.  Unfortunately, over the years this building has gone through some internal and external changes but some of the original station remains and can easy be found.

Woodfold acquired the building from Burlingham and has graciously allowed Friends to use the building since 2008.

Please stop by and see what we have to offer.

FHFG Museum and Library

1936 19th Avenue
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

The museum is open, but due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, we are open by appointment only.

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