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Many free email programs today are very aggressive in marking email as spam, even legitimate email that you want.  This often isn’t a problem that the sender can fix, but instead must be fixed by the receiver of the email in the program that they use to read email.

This is a step by step set of instructions for how to configure the GMAIL mail service to never put FHFG eBlasts into your spam folder.  

Step 1: log into your gmail account using your web browser (e.g. visit www.gmail.com)

Step 2: Click on the ‘gears’ icon at the top right as shown in this picture:




When you click this item, then you’ll see this pop up.  Click on Settings







After you click on settings, you’ll see this screen. Click on Filters and Blocked addresses:



Step 3: You’ll see this screen:



Click on the create a new filter link.  You’ll see this screen:




Type in info@fhfg.org and then click on Create Filter.

Step 4: You’ll see this screen. Check the boxes marked and then click on the Create Filter button.






From this point on, any emails that come from the info@fhfg.org should go straight to your inbox instead of gmail putting them into your spam folder.


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This was posted by the FHFG webmaster.