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Important Changes to FHFG Membership Fees

June 23, 2019

Important Changes to FHFG Membership Fees

At the June 17, 2019 FHFG board meeting, the board of directors voted on several changes to our membership structure, including a membership fee increase.  FHFG membership fees have not changed for at least 15 years even though our organization’s costs have risen over time (for example in 2000, postage was $0.33; in 2019 it is $0.55).  However, we recognize that for some of our members an increase will be a burden so we’ve also made a few additional changes that will help limit the impact of membership fee increases.

First, the board has established a limited number of scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay their annual membership fee. Simply put, we don’t want any Friend to be unable to maintain their FHFG membership just because of financial reasons.   If this situation applies to you, leave a message at 503.992.1280 or send an email to info@fhfg.org with your request for a scholarship.

Second, you can avoid the membership rate change for two years if you opt into our new auto-payment program.  This is a convenient program where we automatically charge your credit or debit card once a year when your membership renews.  Your credit card information will be safely stored with our secure payment processor (Intuit QuickBooks) and you will be able to stop your auto-renewal at any time you want.

Third, we are now offering a 12-month payment plan for the lifetime membership option.  While many have taken advantage of the benefits of becoming a lifetime member (no need to pay annual membership dues!), some have not because the one-time fee was too high to absorb all at once. By spreading this out over 12 months, lifetime membership may now be obtainable for more members.

When do these changes and the price increase take effect?

For current FHFG members, the change will take effect at your next membership renewal.  For those not yet members, the changes took effect July 1, 2019.  Remember, you can avoid the fee increase for two years if you sign up for our auto-payment program at your next membership renewal.

FHFG Membership Fees

Membership Type

Old Rate

New Rate
(if not participating in the auto-payment program)

New Rate
(locked in for 2 years when you sign up for our auto-payment program)

Individual Membership Fee




Family Membership Fee




Lifetime Membership



$1,000 (when 12 monthly auto-payments are set up)

Don’t forget your membership benefits! First and foremost, you’re supporting an organization with a mission to preserve and sustain local historical resources, documents, and artifacts (including the ATS House) as well as to educate and foster a community interested in protecting our history.  In addition, our members receive 50% off discount tickets to our tours, a free quarterly newsletter, and are hosted twice a year at our annual picnic and holiday social.