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Several months ago, Kay Demlow of Hillsboro Historical Society and Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing asked if FHFG would be interested in hosting a conference for the Association of Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums.

This past week has been a busy one for FHFG as we did just that!  As the only board member with experience with the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums, Mary Jo Morelli brought the request to the FHFG board and asked to use of the Old Train Station for conference sessions.  The FHFG board unanimously approved. 

Using OTS as the backdrop, we had lively discussions regarding topics such as preservation of our photographic negatives collection and even had a fun scavenger hunt!

A meet and greet followed at Urban Decanter as more conference participants arrived.

A Thursday morning tour of the AT Smith House was also productive in the depth of knowledge these museum professionals shared and the support and encouragement voiced for what WE as an all volunteer group have accomplished.

The afternoon sessions back at OTS were varied and valuable. That was followed by dinner and a silent auction to support attendance at the next National ALHFAM conference to held in Boston in 2020.

Friday morning we convened at Old College Hall for a tour that lasted 2 hours. This group was definitely engaging and enthusiastic about their work.  This was the official last event for the conference but several more outings were added for those who were staying into the weekend.

There was a tour of the Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery, antiquing in Hillsboro and then a return to the Grand Lodge for the scavenger hunt and dinner.  

Saturday plans were for breakfast at Maridon’s and carpooling to the Robert Newell House and a visit to Champoeg Park.

FHFG members who participated were Mary Jo Morelli (FHFG President), Marcus Hazelett (FHFG board member), Don and Cheryl Skinner (OTS Manager), Linda Taylor and Cherie Savoie-Tintary (FHFG members).


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