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Looking to the future - revising FHFG Bylaws

FHFG Bylaws Committee Update

During the summer of 2018, the FHFG board formed a bylaws committee tasked to review and update the FHFG bylaws.  Considering that our bylaws haven’t been reviewed/updated in about a decade, the board thought it was a good time to ensure that the organization was prepared for future bigger things, like a capital campaign to support an ATS House project.  Skip Buhler, Terri Erskine, and Eddie Glenn were assigned to the committee.  After months of analysis, review of other non-profit bylaws, and comparison to best practices, the committee proposed a number of bylaw changes to the FHFG board in December.  The major proposed changes included:

  • A refined/updated purpose for FHFG that is more closely aligned with what we are doing as an organization today
  • The formation of a standing ATS House & Property Committee which will be responsible for day to day activities of the ATS House freeing up the board to focus more on other FHFG programs and activities.  This proposed change also creates a non-voting (ex-officio) position on the board of directors and executive committee that will be the chairperson of this committee.  The chairperson of this committee is elected by the board.  While the board will continue to define the strategic vision of the house and this committee will report to the board on a monthly basis, the committee will be tasked with handling day-to-day operations including: forecasting an annual budget for ATS House maintenance and operations, ensuring that routine maintenance is conducted, identifying and addressing urgent issues that come up, authorizing and coordinating any projects that impact the appearance of the property, and coordinating all activities/events that occur on the property.
  • Changes were proposed to the structure and operations of the board of directors including specifying minimal requirements and expectations of board members, adding term limits for board members (3 consecutive 2-year terms after which a board member needs to take a 1 year break from the board before rejoining), changing the minimum number of board members from 8 to 9 and specifying that the board should not be larger than 13 members, and giving authority to the board to replace board members that leave before their term expires and for removing board members that are not meeting minimal expectations set forth by the bylaws.
  • Defining a minimal fiscal policy requirements that includes requiring the FHFG board to establish an annual budget.
  • Defining the process for which future versions of our bylaws are to be amended

During January and February, the board met, reviewed, discussed, and voted on every proposed change.  We also had the FHFG attorney review the changes as well.  At our March 18, 2019 board meeting, the board voted to approve the new bylaws.  You can read these here