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2019 Annual Meeting

May 15, 2019 at the Forest Grove Community Auditorium

Don’t miss this year’s annual membership meeting.  We’ll vote for new board members, officers, and have an exciting and informative presentation by the Tualatin Riverkeepers lined up.

The History of the Tualatin River

Tualatin Riverkeepers’ archivist John Fervia, has put together a multimedia presentation entitled “The History of the Tualatin River”. John tells the story of the Tualatin from the geo-graphic happenings that created it, to the 24 Atfalati villages that once populated the river banks, to the time when steamboats paddled the waters.

He tells of a time when the Tualatin was declared Oregon’s most polluted river and ends with the wonderful effort of the Riverkeepers to restore this amazing little river to its natural state.