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Persell & Mamie Eades House

FHFG Historic Property Recognition


Written by: Jim Hilsenkopf

In the early part of the 20th century, Forest Grove was rapidly growing, moving in all directions from its core downtown area.  This often provided an opportunity for smaller homes on smaller lots. In the period between 1905 and 1913 there were fourteen additions to the original city plat and a significant amount of residential development;  Bailey’s Addition, and Smith’s Addition in 1906, as well as the Knob Hill Addition in 1909.  A streetcar line was available to carry passengers down Elm Street from downtown to the railroad stop at Carnation, and in 1910 the first local roads were paved.  Nob Hill addition consists of eight blocks.  Block 7 has sixteen lots and Persell Eades bought lots 9, 10, and 11 to build his house.  He chose a newer design of home, a single level Craftsman-influenced bungalow which resembles todays more modern ranch style.  The chief decorative features typical of the bungalow style are eave brackets and a low-pitched roof.  It also has a front porch with a roof supported by square columns.  In August of 2017 the Forest Grove Historic Landmark Board and the City Council designated the home at 1205 Cedar Street as a Historic Landmark.

Persell Robert Eades was born on December 16, 1883 in Kentucky and records show that in 1910 he was married to Mamie Edith (Hoover) Eades living in Estancia, New Mexico working as a farmer.  They had a newborn baby girl named Victory Ellyn Eades.  Later, Persell was shown in records working at a lumberyard and both as a laborer at a milk distribution plant and also as an ice deliveryman.  After 1920 no information is found linking the Eades family to the house at 1205 Cedar Street.

Other homeowners are:

  • Prior to 1950, Mary P. & J.P. Wieber were owners
  • August 1950 home was conveyed to Lois McQuaid, a well-known and loved Forest Grove school teacher
  • 25 February 1965, conveyed to Stanley P. & Vernie Smith
  • 28 May 1976, conveyed to Alan P. & Jackie L. Williams
  • 28 October 1977, conveyed to Richard Hoffman (assignment of contract)
  • 3 September 1991, conveyed to Richard Phillip & Vera Thea Hoffman
  • 18 January 2007, conveyed to Vera Thea Hoffman


  • Year Built: circa 1914
  • Original Owners: Persell & Mamie Eades
  • Style: Craftsman influenced bungalow
  • Address: 1205 Cedar St

Historic Recognition

FHFG recognized this property as a significant historic property in October 2020.  A plaque was presented to current home owners George and Vera Deines.


Other Recognized Properties

Plaquing Day

This house was recognized as a significant historic resource by Friends of Historic Forest Grove in October 2020.

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Jim Hilsenkopf

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