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Volunteering with FHFG

Letter from our President

A couple of weeks ago after visiting the Friends’ website, a person contacted me about volunteering at FHFG. I invited her to come down to the Old Train Station for a visit. She enjoyed visiting and meeting several members, and now she and her family are new members!

This got me to thinking: what does the title “volunteer” really mean? Well, the dictionary definition of volunteer reads something like this: “A person who offers himself or herself for a service; a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.”

As I sat and read the definition, I thought to myself that simply isn’t enough. It doesn’t go to the true depth of whom, and what a volunteer really is.

When I’m out speaking about FHFG with different people and organizations, I find myself proudly stating: “It’s an all-volunteer group, and all the volunteers ROCK!” I truly believe this to be a fact.

With each non-profit or organization, you have various titles, from president to committee chairperson to member-at-large, yet the most important title should truly be volunteer. Before you can become a “named” member of the group, you must first be willing to give your most precious gifts: time and energy. That’s what a volunteer does.

I think the words that should truly be associated with volunteers are recognition and appreciation. Recognition of the unique talents each and every volunteer brings to the group when called upon, followed by sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the sacrifices being made by each and every volunteer.

While it would not be possible to illustrate all of the extraordinary volunteer work that has gone into making FHFG what it is today, it does have a storehouse of photos, long past and recent, showing many of those great volunteers hard at work. There are three photo books at the OTS, as well as many other photos and news clippings not yet organized into books.

Yet even this amazing collection of pictures and other information does not begin to show the importance of the FHFG volunteers with whom I’ve worked on many committees and even more amazing events. When I reflect on these, I realize all of these memories would never have come about without the skills and talents of the many volunteers who bring FHFG to life.

One of our newest board members, Terri Erskine, has offered to spearhead a program to reach out to the membership to see what their interests are, and match them with available FHFG committees and projects.

In the upcoming months, Terri will be contacting people trying to get ideas for a good fit. With the diversity of this organization, there are many fun opportunities to join in with others of your same interest. So if you receive a phone call from Terri, don’t hang up – it’s not a crank call, and she won’t try to sell you anything.

Here is a list of some of the exciting opportunities we currently have available. FHFG sure could use your help!

  • Garden Tour
  • Tour of Historic Homes
  • Cemetery Tour
  • FHFG Holiday Social
  • Old Train Station/Museum
  • ATS House Vision Committee
  • Archives
  • Educational Talks
  • Oral Histories
  • Blathering and Gathering
  • Articles for the Friend-ly Gazette
  • Publicity/Marketing
  • Website
  • Annual Membership Meeting
  • Annual Membership Picnic
  • Grande Ronde Indians

The skills and talent of our volunteers help to bring the FHFG mission to fruition. I’ve seen this in action time and time again. There is a bright and promising future in store for Friends, and I know embedded in that future will be the many faces of our volunteers. From all of us at FHFG, we send our biggest THANK YOU to each of you – past, present, and yet to come!

If you would like to volunteer with FHFG, let us know using this convenient online form.

About Melody Haveluck

Melody serves on the board of Friends of Historic Forest Grove.