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May 2015

From the FHFG President

quiltThese are exciting days for FHFG. Exciting, busy, exhilarating, terrifying, learning, discovering days…and there never is enough time to do all of the things on its list. But the best news is that projects are moving forward in all directions at FHFG.

Before I talk about anything else though, I want you to mark a date on your calendars: Monday, May 18, 2015, 6:30 pm, Central School Auditorium, 1728 Main Street. That’s the date of our FHFG Annual Membership Meeting. It’s your opportunity to vote for FHFG new officers and board of directors, to learn what folks are accomplishing in the organization, and to visit with friends who also happen to be “Friends.” That doesn’t even include the program Judy Goldmann will be presenting, The Meek Family Trunk, which promises to be not only be entertaining, but an educational glimpse into the lives of the earliest settlers of the region.

Why don’t you make it twice the fun, and invite a friend? Perhaps they’ll want to learn more about FHFG. That’s the way organizations grow and reenergize. FHFG is having the meeting at a larger facility so it can accommodate more people, and there is ample parking behind the facility, so please feel free to bring a guest.

One of the things you’ll see at the annual meeting is the newly-assembled quilt top, begun September 2014 at the Corn Roast. The FHFG members had such fun showing local children how to stencil muslin squares for the Smith House quilt. Designs ranged from simple one-color stencils of fruits and animals to complicated scenes, like Mt. Hood and the house itself. After all the squares were stenciled, we heat-set the fabric dyes, and assembled them to make the quilt top.

Now it is time to turn to the larger picture, and the hope is to raise funds for FHFG with the quilt. The board of directors is brainstorming the best way to make this happen, and FHFG welcomes your input at the annual meeting. One suggestion is to have sponsor and member supporter names embroidered on the quilt. If you have an idea, and you
just can’t wait until May 18, email me now at president@fhfg.org.  FHFG is going to need big money to achieve its dreams for the Smith House and the Old Train Station Museum.

FHFG wants to make Forest Grove a place for people to learn about the town’s amazing history. When the house is finished, the quilt will hang there, a permanent record of the people who helped make it happen. Meanwhile, perhaps the quilt could travel around the state, hanging in the businesses of our donors and sponsors.

FHFG is also excited to tell you about another surprise-its brand new website! Many of you know Eddie Glenn, whose
lovely historic home (the Hinman House) was on the Tour of Historic Homes last fall. Eddie has spent countless
hours redesigning and updating the FHFG website (www.fhfg.org). It is simply stunning; and it is not only visually beautiful, but a very easy site to navigate. FHFG cannot thank Eddie enough for his vision and expertise; site visitors will
have a good time keeping up with FHFG activities. FHFG will send out an email when the new site is up and running.

Jim and I have spent the last two weeks photographing gardens and musicians for the garden tour brochure and publicity posters. Melodies in the Garden is the theme for this year’s tour to be held Sunday, June 7. It’s always wonderful to see the gorgeous owers, plants, bushes, and trees of the gardens, but a special bonus this year is there will be live music in the gardens. FHFG will have several talented musicians playing and singing during the tour….and
because it was such a hit last year, we are going to have another fabulous contest for you – I guarantee you are going to love this one!

FHFG vice-president, Melody Haveluck, with a nearly boundless supply of energy, has been working overtime to assess the status and needs of the A. T. Smith house. She and her committee deserve thanks from all of us…Melody will give a
short report of her ndings at the annual meeting (have I said it loudly enough?? Please come!!!!)

It’s time to wrap this letter up…but now you see why I used all of those adjectives at the start of my letter.
When I became president last year I did not realize how much I had to learn. Thank you, all of you, for your support to FHFG this year. I have one prediction before I go: with you, our membership, our committed group of volunteers, and our capable board of directors, this is, really, only the beginning. Amazing things are in store for FHFG. I keep hearing a song in my head, over and over…and the words are echoing…..“This could be the start of something big.”

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