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Skip Buhler

About Skip Buhler

I have been interested in Forest Grove's history since moving here ca. 2007 (it was probably 2006, but as I spend most of the time in the nineteenth century, I'm not exactly sure when I arrived). Since then, I have been actively researching the people and places that make this region such a great place. I first got involved with FHFG in 2011 or so, and have served as Board Secretary since 2012. I'm one of the main contacts with the public, which I really enjoy, and I volunteer on Wednesdays at the Old Train Station, where I get to help people with their own research. It is truly a joy to share my love for this town with others, and learn from the people who were born and raised here. I recently learned that a branch of my family (actually my Grandma's great grandparents) settled in the mountains near McMinnville around 1880, so I've been spending my personal time researching these ancestors. I'm an independent art historian, and also have a vinyl record store in town, where my interests in art and history converge.