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Before last week, if you were to stand at the front door of the Alvin and Abigail Smith house and look east toward Mt. Hood, your vision would have been obstructed by the rather large pile of rubble blocking your view. That is no longer the case!

Forest Grove Parks and Recreation has moved forward, and hired a contractor to remove all of the debris. Now, there is only a at, empty space where piles of asphalt, concrete, and garbage once sat. This is just the very rst small step in preparation for developing this land. Thank you to Forest Grove Parks and Recreation for starting FHFG on the road to the future.

As far as what the future will bring, FHFG will have to wait to see what develops. The Forest Grove Parks and Recreation Commission, with the help of the Citizen Advisory Committee, will meet during the next year to create a master plan for Forest Grove Parks and Recreation. During the initial meeting held April 15, the group worked to identify the needs of Forest Grove. The meeting was presided over by team leaders from MIG, a rm whose mission is to develop and design spaces for the changing needs of modern communities.

Challenges and resources for the community were listed, and the group brainstormed for two hours to assess areas for future planning. One of the results was to identify focus groups to talk to, and be certain that all voices in the community will be considered. It is an exciting time for the city, and FHFG cannot wait to see what will develop over the next months.

About Melody Haveluck

Melody serves on the board of Friends of Historic Forest Grove.