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Frederick the Dancing Chicken

Our Volunteers are Superheros!

To many, Frederick is much more than a 30 pound concrete chicken that moves (dances?) from home to home of our volunteers.  He represents the appreciation that FHFG has for the hardwork and many hours that our volunteers contribute to fulfilling the mission of FHFG.  Since when he was introduced to FHFG in 2015, Frederick has honored over 35 people. 

About every 4 weeks, FHFG selects a new ‘temporary’ home for Frederick to recognize the particular efforts of our hardworking volunteers.  Often our volunteers dress him up for the season or otherwise give him a personality all their own!

Kathy Mandis

July 28, 2019: Whenever there is an event at the AT Smith House, someone needs to clean and stage the house such that it has the look and feel of a pioneer home. It takes a lot of work and an understanding of the kinds of items that would be available during the time period.  For that, we want to thank Kathy Mandis!

In recommending Kathy for the Frederick award, Mary Jo Morelli wrote, “She is very knowledgeable and knows what is appropriate, what works and what does not! She understands the concept of historic period for the house.”

Kathy has staged the AT Smith interior several times for different events, and we hope she continues to evoke the AT Smith family and their time period for the people who visit the pioneer home.

Peggy Selfridge Ochoa

June 2019: Peggy has volunteered at the Old Train Station and Museum for some time. She worked on the FHFG library, cataloging items, doing research and helping at the Train Station during events. She helps Train Station Managers, Don and Cheryl Skinner wherever they need her. Cheryl and Peggy are sisters! Frederick was happy to help the Friends of Historic Forest Grove recognize Peggy for her exceptional volunteer service.

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