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FHFG Board of Directors

FHFG Board Members - 2020 - 2021


President Megan Havens
Vice President Martha Khoury
Treasurer   Eddie Glenn
Eva Guggemos
Member-at-Large   Marcus Hazelett
Member-at-Large Gary Eddings
Member-at-Large Christine Kidd
Member-at-Large Melody Haveluck
Member-at-Large Alanna Colwell
Member-at-Large Travis Powers
Tom Beck


Other Contributing Roles


Museum & Library Manager at OTS   Don Skinner
ATS House Property Manager  David Morelli_thumb David Morelli
Membership Secretary   Carol Hilsenkopf
Webmaster   Eddie Glenn
Election of Officers and Board Members

bylawsOfficers are elected for a 1-year term and board members are elected for a 2-year term.  Board members can serve a total of three consecutive 2-year terms (for a total of 6 consecutive years).  After the third consecutive term, they must step off of the board for 1 year before they can serve as a director again.

The Executive Committee will appoint a Nominating Committee composed of three (3) members: one person from the Executive Committee, one person from the board of directors (not on the Executive Committee), and one person from the general FHFG membership.   A Nominating Committee is formed during January to find candidates for the May election at the annual meeting, and can also be formed at any time during the year should a board member resign their position.